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“Belly Dance” Version of Wobble Hustle Line Dance – Warm Up Exercise

Here is Kendra Ray’s “belly dance” version of the Wobble Hustle. It uses movements found in cabaret, tribal, and fusion bellydance with a little freestyle dance thrown in for variety. Use this as line dance as an out-of-the-box warm up or exercise for belly dance class to get students socializing and having fun!


Upcoming Spring 2013 Bellydance Workshops/Classes with Kendra Ray



Thursdays, (4/25/13 – 5/30/13) Basic Performance: Intro to Classic Oriental Show Structure Intermediate Course Taught by Kendra Ray

Thursdays 6-7:30 (70 minutes of dance – 10-15 minutes of discussion) 6 weeks – $85 or $20/class for drop-in Session runs from 4/25/13 – 5/30/13

For the dance student who is ready to advance from basic bellydance drills to the next level of performance training! As we familiarize ourselves with the movement execution, we will review the Classic Oriental Bellydance show structure and examine the following components: Entrance/Exit Techniques, Raqs Sharqi, Taqsim, Raqs Beledi, Saidi Style, and Percussion Solo. For more info on registration and location, visit:


April 28th – Workshops with Kendra Ray, Abida Blaze, Asima, and Azziza Salem

12:00 pm: “Fun With Arabic 1” by Kendra Ray, 1:10 pm: “Abdominal Isolations” by Abida Blaze, 2:20 pm: “Stage Presence” by Asima, 3:30 pm: “How to Get There” by Azziza Salem, 4:45 pm: Lunch with pizza, salad, soft drinks, desert! 

For pricing, registration, and other info, visit


May 18-19 – Detroit Raqs Bellydance Convention Workshops and Show

Sat and Sun workshops with: Lana Mini (Detroit Bellydance), Mia (Lunatic Vagabonds & Unveiled Bellydance), Sarah (Boheme Tribal), Aegela (Ohio), Victoria Lara and Lisa Montes (El Alma Espanola Flamenco), Jenabah (Tree of Life), Kendra Ray (Ann Arbor/Metro-Detroit), Leilah (Bollyfit), Raks Incendia (Traverse City), Leilani (Izgreyala, Mandali Studio), and Richard Harper (Broadway, National Theatre, Unveiled Bellydance)

Sat Showcase: Enjoy an evening of beautiful bellydance featuring our talented instructors at what is sure to be one of the best shows of the year. Join in the fun and perform yourself – Space is limited!

For pricing, registration, and other info, visit

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