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Upcoming Dance Workshops with Kendra Ray

Jan. 25, 2014 – Bay City, MI
Fifty Shades of Fusion
Day of Workshops and Show
Presented by MeZnoTiK Tribal Fire and Fusion  

Bringing you some of the best belly dance, tribal and fusion artists in the Northern states and Canada. Join us as these amazing performers spin a web of wonderment that will surely entangle all of your senses.

Compare and contrast cabaret, tribal and fusion belly dance styles. Learn how each genre evolved from Middle Eastern Dance. Three professional belly dancers have been chosen to present this workshop. Each of them will demonstrate the classic styling of each genre. We end your day with a relaxing and informative discussion designed to better your understanding of all three genres.

Yasmina Amal, Kendra Ray, and Sarah Mayne.
Think you know who is teaching what?
You may be surprised.
Workshop will be held at the
Arbeiteor Hall
1304 S. Wenona Bay City Mi

Workshop time:
From 11:00am to 3:00pm
Cost before 12/15/2013 $55.00
There will be an area at the bottom of the registration form for you to ask any questions regarding the three genres of dance being presented at the workshop. These questions will help the instructors to focus on the needs of the workshop attendees. This all about education, fun and dance, so help us to make it a great experience.

Will take place in Bay City at the Arbeirtoer Hall
1304 S. Wenona Bay City Mi
Show starts at 7:30pm
Doors open at 6:30pm
Cash bar available
Tickets available at the door for $18.00
On Line for $15.00

Feb. 22nd, 2014 – Kalamazoo, MI
Kalamazoo Raks Community Hafla
Day of Workshops and Show
Presented by Boheme Tribal Belly Dance

Workshop Descriptions:

Social Style
All Level 1-hour workshop
You’ve got your own style so why not let it shine through in your dance? Enjoy the moment and let the music move you in this casual, cardio-filled workshop. We’ll review some basic, up-beat movements found in Middle Eastern belly dance with less of a focus on technique and more emphasis on fun All Levels Welcome.

Watch Your Tone
All Level 2-hour workshop
In everyday life, people use body language as means of communicating or delivering a message. As a dancer, your technique and movement vocabulary are tools for “speaking” to your audience. You know what you’d like to say, but do you know how you want to say it? In this workshop, we’ll focus on developing expression, posture, and stage presence as ways to determine the “tonality” and mood of the message you want to convey.

Cost: $55 until February 1st/$65 after
Please send payement through Paypal to

Workshop participants are encouraged to perform in the evening Kalamazoo Raks Community Hafla. Spots are filling up quickly, be sure to get signed up soon.

Hafla Info:

Click here for facebook event page

This event to follow a day of workshops with Kendra Ray, who will be our guest star for the evening. We’ll also be featuring live music by Katara

Cost: $7/person in advance & $10/person at the door
To purchase in advance, please send $10.60 per person through Paypal to

This showcase is open to all belly dancers, regardless of style, budget or skill level. Newb to Pro, all are welcome.  This event is open to dancers that live outside of the Kalamazoo area, but preference will be given to those that live and/or work directly within our Kzoo community.


Fifty Shades of Fusion – Workshop Location Moved to Show Venue!

Fifty Shades of Fusion – Workshop Location Moved to Show Venue!

If you are or are planning to participate in the workshops on Jan 25th at:

Fifty Shades of Fusion: Brought to you by MeZnoTiK Tribal Fire and Fusion

the workshops have been moved to the show location to accommodate for more people!



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