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Please Vote by Oct 1st for Kendra Ray – Bellydance Instructor to win the “Spirit of Aphrodite” Award

Happy Thursday! 

Whether I have met you once, many times, or only corresponded through the internet, I am asking for your help. I don’t do this often, but this award and prize could really provide me with assistance for my profession.
One of my dance students was kind enough to nominate me for a “Spirit of Aphrodite Award” given by Dahlal Internationale – leaving me very humbled and honored. However, this was so low-key I didn’t know I made it into the final nominees until yesterday and there is only 5 days left of voting! The top contender has 1,100 votes and I am barely getting off the ground.This is how you can help, if you have a facebook profile.
Follow this link to the “Spirit of Aphrodite Award” App on the Dahlal Internationale facebook page.

First you will have to “like” Dahlal’s page, then you will have to give permission for the “photo voting app” . Once you have confirmed all of the above, you can vote once per day until October 1st.As you all know, being an artist has its drawbacks, one of which is not always having funds to upgrade work materials. The prize for this contest would give me a chance to get a new costume for work; something I am not financially able to do on my own.Voting ends October 1st and you can vote once per day.

Again, I appreciate your time and efforts. If you no longer wish to be contacted by me, please feel free to request so.
Thank you from the bottom of my happy dancing heart!

Kendra Ray


New Bellydance Choreography Classes – Beginner to Advanced!

New Bellydance Choreography Classes - Beginner to Advanced!

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