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Upcoming Appearances – Spring/Summer 2013

Upcoming Appearances - Spring/Summer 2013

Upcoming Appearances – Spring/Summer 2013


The Best Gift is The Gift of Music – A Special Music Monday


On May 3rd, 2013 I asked my facebook friends to share with me a song or video they hold dear to them or what they felt was a good gift of music for me rather than the old standard “happy birthday” speech.

What I’ve collected is everything from hip-hop, heavy metal, and industrial electronica to bellydance, opera, and country music. Some of the songs are people’s wedding songs, songs they use for lullabies, for celebration, and even tributes to those that have passed away. It’s a beautiful thing we have here – one of the most diverse playlists you’ll find on the web.

I am honored and thankful they took the time to help me create this. Here are the results. Enjoy!

I’d like to thank the following people for their contribution to this playlist:

Kuba Ingram, Jose Pistoles, Jihad Said, Sarah Rotolo,  Jenn Garavaglia, Dawn Marie Salmon, Mitch Griffin, Alice Brower Cicek, Tony Fahmie, Teresa Sousa, Kristin Flynn, Kerry Lizon, Christine Sanders Beaudry, Allison Paton, Lydie Ometto, Ingo Rautenberg, Sandy Puzon Marcum, Judy Robinson Mille, Juliana Schewe, Josh Bacon, Mary Stachowiak, Richard Harper, Chris Aliapoulios, Richelle D. Hall-Smith, Patsy DeCline, Nicole Heart, Larry Stock, Corinne Shafer, La’Salle Beatriz, Nahid Ayoub, Lana Mini, Evelyn Adkins, Adam Dmitruchina, Sean D McLean, Will Isom, Stacie Smith, Sara Lampert, Don Yenson, Jessica Physician, Kathy Merholz, Melanie Gypsy Star, Beverly Ford, Tina Thaxton , Sarah E Robinson, Megan Crockett Myers, Aida Monteith, Canar Cylon, David Taylor, Ze Poet, Kim Fujiwara, Jeff Ginyard, Sahid Mansour

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