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New Video Coming Soon…


Photo by Kuba Ingram

Courtesy of Dizzle Productions, a video unlike any I have done before is about to hit cyberspace. Judging by the amount of crazy camera angles, techniques, and overall professionalism used by this upcoming filmmaker, I can only expect that an eye popping, cinema-tastic music video will result from our antics.

If you’ve never heard of this Detroit-based artist, check out some of his work here –

Also, a big shout out to Tony Bahu, another Detroit-based artist who was kind enough to provide us with music for this project. Tony is one of the best percussionists I’ve heard, let alone have met. His application of traditional Arabic rhythms with modern electronic and pop music influences, provide an exotic soundtrack for a non-stop dance party.

His music is known world-wide and one of his songs was actually featured on a Bellydance Superstars CD. If you haven’t heard him before, check out his music here –

I’m very grateful to be a part of a project that showcases the talent found in Michigan – we’re starting 2012 off with a bang, kids! Stay tuned …


The Gypsies Are Coming In 1 Month…

The gypsies are coming and I am stoked. In one month, Unveiled Bellydance will be hosting The Mezmer Society and Kelly Holder for workshops and a gala show.

The last time we hosted The Mezmer Society, it was unforgettable, and honestly, I’ve never had so much fun with a guest act. Plus, Onca made the workshops so engaging that I still remember them almost 4 years later. To top it off, as fun and jovial as the duo are, they are truly talented at what they do.

August is a sick accordian player, with vocals straight out of a Euro-Bohemian gypsy camp. The traditional sound he produces in the Mezmer Society would satisfy anyone seeking a Balkan cabaret experience, while his precision and fluidity are impressive for any music lover.

Onca has the stage presence to keep you intrigued, keep you impressed, and above all, keep you smiling. Her vocals assist with the musical ambiance of the stage show and her combination of bellydance, prop manipulation, and comedy will keep you entertained.

And Kelly Holder. The first time I saw her take over the stage, I swore I saw someone straight out of my Polish grandma’s ancestral village. Scarf in hand and skirt flying with her sassy movements, I was instantly drawn in to her funky folkloric style. I definitely am not going to pass up her workshop on Roma folk dance. She’s got the spirit for this type of thing – something you can’t train for and is truly unique.

Unveiled is hosting a hafla for workshop participants the night before the workshops, and hopefully there will be open dancing at the end. More often than not, people get up and music “happens”.

The next day, workshops on musiciality, new techniques for cane dancing, and the Roma folkloric dancing will be taking place.

Then the show.

Some of the best dance and music acts in the bellydance, cabaret, and gypsy-inspired communities will be on one stage in Ann Arbor.

Unveiled has been brushing up on recent choreography, as well as prepping new material as well – all to be performed live with The Clappsaddles. We rarely get the chance to perform with actual musicians, let alone have a full set with them!

Plus, I’ve been rigorously rehearsing with Leilani so we can debut our new duet. It’s been a side project of ours for over a year now (seriously, over a year) but we finally have a venue to perform this in. All I can say is that involves 2 guitars, 2 dancers, and a Red Devil !

If you can make it to the show, awesome. If not, at least check out some of the artists in the show. If nothing else, you may discover something new.

For info on show:

For info on Mezmer Society:

For info on Kelly Holder:

For info on The Clapsaddles:

For info on Leilani:

#3 Unknown Fact on

Belly Dancing Is Not A Dance Of Seduction

Read more on the AskMen list:

Kendra’s 2 Cents:

While I’ve been part of a community for the past few years that strives to educate people on the misinterpretations (and blatant ignorance) associated with bellydance, it’s nice to have back-up from a mainstream publication. Thanks, 🙂

While muscle toning, body awareness, and self-confidence gained through bellydance can have many benefits in your private life (if you choose to apply them properly and is a whole other blog entirely), bellydance itself is a folkloric dance like any other, that has evolved over the  last few centuries.

It’s all about presentation! Just as Rhianna singing a pop song will look different than Adele singing a pop song, some bellydancers will show (or do more) than the classier dancers. Unfortunately for stereotyping, this can translate into a twisted stigma associated with all bellydancers, even if only a couple out of a hundred girls are shaking things up inappropriately.

As with anything, seek to understand before you judge.






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