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Bests of Bellydance: Music Pick – Hossam Ramzy’s Rhythms of the Nile

This was one of the first bellydance CDs that my first teacher, Aziza Ammar, gave me to practice to. I used to fall asleep listening to this album so I’d memorize it faster. Not sure if the technique sped the process up, but it was one of the best tools I had for practice when I was just getting started. I recommend it to all of my new students – like any performer/musician/percussion lover knows, to be able to improvise to these rhythms, you have  to become familiar with them. Practice, practice, practice… and love every minute of it 🙂

World renown percussionist, Hossam Ramzy, guides you through commonly used rhythms in Egyptian dance in this instructional CD set. He first introduces the instruments that are often used in an Egyptian percussion ensemble. On each track from there on, he announces the rhythm, describes its attributes, then demonstrates. It’s better designed for practicing bellydance, rather than choreographing to it.

The tracks are as follows:

Hossam Ramzy Discography

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And this guy is the bomb. I mean really – he’s worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Mary Wilson, and Tarkan, has produced dozens of his own albums, and is revered as one of the world’s best composers among bellydancers. Status aside, his compositions are great and provide for some of the best orchestral arrangements and percussion pieces I’ve ever danced to.

Check him out:


Unveiled Bellydance Won 1st Place!

Huzzah! Unveiled Bellydance won 1st place in the Ensemble Category in the Middle Eastern Dance Competition at the Michigan Renaissance Festival today. It’s the first time I won 1st place in anything, ever! Thank you to all who came out and supported us, and congrats to all of the other dancers who came out today 🙂

Ariftu Albi Lamin by Najwa Karam – Bellydancer Kendra Ray – YouTube

Ariftu Albi Lamin by Najwa Karam – Bellydancer Kendra Ray – YouTube. Dancing in the Streets was a BLAST today! I love Unveiled Dance Company 🙂 we ALWAYS have a good time. The downtown Ann Arbor crowd was a great one to dance for, as well. Here’s the improvised solo number I did… it sure was fun!

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